Get Your Music Videos Made Through Radar

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We have seen many beautiful music videos submitted into Fluence, and more often than not the truly stellar ones have been produced by the network of amazing video directors at Radar Music Videos. We’re excited to partner with Radar to help the creative community in Fluence produce the right music video for their needs and aesthetic style.

Radar Music Videos has a network of 12,000+ video directors based all around the world. Radar provides these directors with the right connections to the broader industry to foster an environment of continuing career development. They actively headhunt from their pool for the most talented directors, via their most respected Curators and then further connect them to production companies. They advise directors on how they can develop their career by using the influence of Curators who can point them in the right direction and provide valuable feedback.

Radar connects top labels and artists to their network of talented directors to provide them with the professional filmmaking talent they need. Their clients include Armada Music, Ultra, Sony, Atlantic Record, Believe Digital, Cooking Vinyl and many other partners from the major labels to independent labels, management companies, and directly to the artists themselves. They all use Radar to commission great videos.

Go to Radar now to get your music video done right. They are the proven leader in getting the right video made for your filmmaking needs. See for yourself the high quality videos that Radar’s network of directors have produced by watching the Radar Music Videos’ Staff Picks below.

Check out of our favorite Radar commissioned music videos submitted into Fluence by Pedro Meirelles called Nostalgia.