Getting to Know Will Abramson of Yours Truly

Will Abramson of Yours Truly on FluenceAs Yours Truly’s website will tell you: For four years, brands and bands eager to make passionate connections with fans have turned to Yours Truly for our singular brand of French kiss-intimate storytelling held to the “ink standard” of hand-crafted quality worthy of our signature.

Their client & partners roster list includes Ray-Ban, Red Bull, and adidas Originals to name a few. So, it was only natural for us to want to pick the brain of Yours Truly founder and Fluence curator Will Abramson.


beat:repeat NYC: Mtume – Juicy Fruit from Red Bull Music Academy and Yours Truly


So, Will, how did Yours Truly come about?
While I working as the music marketing manager for a company called Imeem in San Francisco I built some great relationships with music publicists and labels. At the time there wasn’t much for bands to do press or promo wise while in San Francisco so we were able to steal bands for a few hours to shoot a short interview or performance. We started out producing “take away shows” for LA Blogoteque but quickly decided we needed to do our own thing. When I got laid off at Imeem I poured myself into Yours Truly because I never wanted to get laid off again. I spent the next year working full-time on Yours Truly and living on my unemployment. Then we just went from there.


Nao – ‘In the Morning’ from Yours Truly


Yours Truly and Fluence are strong proponents of the Attention Web and how it leads to better quality art and media being produced and promoted. What’s the best way for new brands, artists, and producers to get your attention?

In a media landscape of relentless updates, when slight variations of the same news, reviews, lists and “bands to watch” parade through our feeds on a 24-hr cycle, and the shelf-life of content is measured in seconds, the value of curation and quality is at a premium.

Today, brands, creators, and publishers alike understand that engaged users are more valuable than passive eyeballs & that real value comes from creators ability to engage and retain a passionate niche with content and experiences that are worthy of people’s most precious (and valuable) commodity: time.

My time is valuable; everyone’s is. The best way to get my attention is to create a really compelling product. And it’s not just a song, its the artwork, the video, what you say about it, who else is championing it. All gatekeepers are looking at other gatekeepers to tip their hats and I’m no different. I love to be ‘first’ to things but I’m not as thrilled by it as I once was. The cream has a way of rising to the top, so make cream.

 Nosaj Thing x Chance the Rapper “Songs From Scratch” from Yours Truly


Yours Truly deals with many art forms. What is your favorite art form? And why?
My favorite art form is food. I love food. Eating is my favorite activity. I think the process of constructing a meal, how the flavors meld together is really high art. To me, discovering a new band and discovering a new restaurant are equally exciting and special moments.


Who would you consider to be your dream client (you’ve yet to work with)?

I always say that if we were able to work with Prince or D’Angelo, I’d retire right then.


Who’s your new favorite artist? And why?
Tobias Jesso Jr. He’s made a classic album and I can’t wait to see him blow up. People are comparing him to Harry Nilsson and Randy Newman, and while those are apt comparisons I think Tobias just made an album that sounds timeless. He’s an incredible songwriter and a really nice guy!


Reach Will Abramson on Fluence here.

Will Abamson of Yours Truly on Fluence

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