Meet Music Fiend Jeff Miller: Editor of The Thrillist LA

Jeff MillerWhen what you love becomes what you do for a living that’s what we call the dream; Jeff Miller is living the dream.

He edits The Thrillist Los Angeles by day, writes for Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, Relix and many more music magazines by night and still finds time to play live music with his indie-rock cover band Black Crystal Wolf Kids.

We’re just happy he made additional time to answer a few questions for us:


What was your career goal as a kid?
I wanted to either be a rock star or write about them, and I sort of have had both dreams come true; I’ve certainly talked to my fair share of my music heroes, and I get to play music, regularly, for screaming fans — though I do have to remind myself that the songs are not mine sometimes.


Who was the first artist you fell in love with? The one you just couldn’t get enough of, and why?
When I was a kid, I was a no-holds-barred Michael Jackson fan. My dad took me to see him when I was 5, my first show ever, and there’s documentation of choreographed dances to Beat It, Thriller, Remember The Time… yeah, it lasted a while.


Who are you listening to these days?
I’m mostly an indie-rock guy. I love Wilco and the Arcade Fire and other bands you’d expect a white dude in his 30s to care about, but my favorite song of the year is Bruno Mars/Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” (which is second only to “Shake It Off,” so I have a pop sweet spot as well).



Have you made any epic discoveries through using Fluence yet? Tell us about it.
I wouldn’t say epic discoveries, but I’ve heard a fair number of artists I’ve really liked. One thing I like about Fluence is that it un-contextualizes, so I can just listen to the music and see the video that the artist is presenting. So much of my life in music writing is based on the story of the artist rather than the art itself, and I love how Fluence gives the art an opportunity to speak for itself.


What do you think you’ll use Fluence for? Who would you like to hear from (what kinds of artists, etc)?
I’m hoping to find my next favorite small local band and watch and help them grow. I was a die-hard, intense fan of the LA band Henry Clay People, who broke up last year; since they broke up I’ve been looking for something to fill the void. Bring it on.

As one of today’s ultimate music fans, it’s an honor and privilege to have Jeff Miller as a curator on Fluence.

Jeff Miller on Fluence