Promoting Your Bandcamp Music with Fluence

We’re happy to announce that Fluence has expanded to accept music submitted from Bandcamp.

Fluence adds Bandcamp support - yay!

Bandcamp has directly paid artists over $100 million; a huge milestone and testament to the power of direct-to-fan services. As longtime builders and supporters of direct-to-fan services, we’re driven to empower artists and the creative community to connect in new, innovative ways.

Take a look at some of the amazing artists on Bandcamp already using Fluence to promote their music and forge new relationships.

Cold, cold heart on Bandcamp

OH. on Bandcamp

Rob Fleming on Bandcamp

We invite you to join Bandcamp if you haven’t already, and start getting feedback and exposure with $5 free credit to promote your Bandcamp tracks here on Fluence.

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