Fluence Music Expert: Claudio Gallo (Bad Panda Records)


Beware The Bad Panda…

We’re proud to welcome Claudio Gallo to our community of curators on Fluence! Claudio is the Founder and Head of Bad Panda Records. Claudio is also a Music Business and Information Strategist at Stereomood.

Bad Panda Records showcases a wide range of electronic-based genres and has a special approach to running a Netlabel. Every Monday they feature a new release for free download under the Creative Commons license. Their goal is to encourage creativity and exposure for the featured artists in the form of downloads, remixes and sharing.

The concept has exploded since its inception in 2009 with over 170 releases and followers reaching well over 150,000 on Soundcloud alone. Bad Panda Records now stands as one of the established champions on the forefront of the Free Music Movement and provides a powerful platform for DIY musicians to broadcast their creations.

We had the honor of connecting with Claudio for an interview to ask him some questions. Here is Bad Panda’s latest mixtape for your listening pleasure as Claudio talks to us about Bad Panda and more:


You’re one of the most successful record labels championing creative commons. How did the whole story start? What gave you the idea?

I developed the idea while realizing that the listening unit was switching from albums to singles and moving from a passive Read-Only culture to a Read/Write one. That’s why Bad Panda cares about Creative Commons licenses and is mostly focused on single releases.

Any big news for upcoming for Bad Panda Records in 2014?

Exciting singles and emerging acts. New albums from Indian Wells and Populous plus a brand new website and platform!

What are your secrets to finding great music?

Listening a lot via different sources like Soundcloud, Hype Machine, Bandcamp, This Is My Jam and 22tracks.

What are some of your favorite websites and blogs?

Excluding the ones mentioned above, Twitter and Songkick.

Among my favorite blogs: The Needle Drop, XLR8R, Nialler9, The Quietus, Drownedinsound, Stadiums & Shrines, iso50.

What advice would you give to undiscovered and aspiring artists?

Be true, be passionate, don’t give up. Research and make your own kind of music.


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P.S. If you choose not to send your creations to Claudio, we leave you with a message of caution from BPR:

“Beware The Bad Panda…Plotting a creative revolution and pressing beautiful things since ‘09.”