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Fluence Music Expert: Brian Hazard (Color Theory)

Our goal with Fluence is to bring creators and curators together. We’re thrilled every time a new expert joins our community, and wanted to introduce you to the man behind Color Theory.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Color Theory is Brian Hazard’s music project with 9 full-length albums blending a unique combination of new wave and electro synth pop – drawing combined lines of inspiration from Depeche Mode and his roots in classical piano performance. His newest release below is a Pet Shop Boys cover collaboration between Matt Mancid and Heather Alden of Faded Paper Figures.

Color Theory’s music is available here on his website to buy.

Brian also uses his accomplished music engineering skills to run the highly successful Resonance Mastering studio in Huntington Beach, California.

With over 1.1 million Twitter followers, Brian knows how to engage and interact with a large audience. He also publishes his experiences and helpful resources on the blog Passive Promotion, which shares mixing tips along with music promotion strategies.


If you’d like to read more about what Brian’s been up to recently, The Expats’ Post published a recent interview with Brian here.

We are incredibly excited to have Brian join Fluence. His top-notch expertise, passion for promoting, and powerful presence in the music industry are just a few great reasons to get in touch with Brian through Fluence.


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