Emerging Artist Spotlight: David Rosen

Powerful. Resonating. Ever-evolving. Crystalline.


These words are repeatedly found in the responses artist and musician David Rosen has been receiving from the creative community on Fluence.

After spending years creating award-winning film scoring and composition projects, Rosen’s solo work is emerging with a surging style all its own. Listen to his latest music video release ‘Dreams Like These‘ for a glimpse of his exceptional talent.



We seized on the chance to interview David to discover more about his musical influences and the creative process behind his work:


Your debut album ‘Echoes In The Dark’ soars along combining an eclectic collection of ideas reminiscent of IDM, orchestral, and even darker synth-pop influences. Who are some artists you’ve drawn inspiration from?

David RosenMy two biggest influences also happen to be my two favorite bands and that’s The Cure & Depeche Mode. Aside from that, my influences come from all over the place including everything from film score composers, to industrial like Nine Inch Nails, pop like Michael Jackson and all kinds of other music. I also compose music for film, and I definitely try to let that influence creep into my album music as well.


A recurring theme in tracks such as ‘Inside Of Us All’, ‘If Only Tonight I Could Sleep’, ‘Takeover’, and even your newest single ‘Dreams Like These’ is the use of elongated builds; gradually adding layer after layer of instrumentation over a progression creating exceptionally gripping apexes. Is there a general motive behind this, and could you tell us about your creative process for composing and building on a progression?

It’s funny that you picked that out. It’s actually a very specific decision I’ve made in my songwriting process to have various different structures that I use in different songs. A lot of pop songs have the old verse-chorus-repeat structure, and I will make songs like that sometimes too (although without lyrics), but I also have about five different structures (and variations of those structures) that I usually use when I’m creating a track. Usually by the time I’ve gotten to the 5th or 6th layer of the music I can start to tell what the best progression is going to be. One of my favorites is the elongated build like you mentioned because I can just keep making it bigger and bigger and bigger. There are 3 or 4 tracks on the new album that use this structure. My main reason for making music is scoring films, but when doing that it’s my job to serve the picture. So when I am working on these albums I get to experiment more which is why I like to have these go-to structures in my mind that I can build from.



Any upcoming releases or news for 2015?

Well most exciting is my second album, An Unseen Sky; I’m hoping to release it around March. I never thought I’d be ready so soon to release another album after spending so long building up the music (and confidence) to release my first album Echoes In The Dark, but the music just started coming right away. There will be some more videos from the album too, made by filmmakers here in Las Vegas. I also have some feature films lined up that I’ll be scoring including “Finding The Truth” which is the debut feature by Doug Farra, director of my “If Only Tonight I Could Sleep” music video. We may end up releasing a soundtrack album of the film’s score as well. Other than that I’m also really excited that the “If Only Tonight I Could Sleep” video has gotten into a couple more film festivals this year.


How did you discover Fluence? What are your thoughts on it?

I found out about Fluence on some music site… I don’t remember which one though. I really think this service is invaluable. Some might say paying for feedback isn’t cool… But getting feedback from friends usually doesn’t give you much to work with. And I can send music to 100 blogs and probably end up with two responses… One will be a reprint of my press release and one MAYBE will have some kind of useful critique. So getting real feedback from real music bloggers for honestly VERY little money is such a great idea… And the fact that some of them even go on to share your work to their followers is icing on the cake.


Favorite album you’re listening to right now?

Ooh that’s a tough one. I’m on a pretty big sad singer-songwriter kick lately haha… Ryan Adams’ self-titled new album, Jason Isbell’s Southeastern and Laura Marling’s Once I Was An Eagle are probably my three most listened to albums of the past year… And I’m listening to the work in progress version of An Unseen Sky pretty much constantly while I pick it apart. I might be biased but I love this freaking album.


Say hi to David on Twitter and Facebook, plus check out more of David’s music here on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and his website.


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