Promoting Kickstarter Campaigns with Fluence

Promoting Kickstarter Campaigns with Fluence


Kickstarter is a leading force in the creative community and have successfully crowdfunded over 84,000+ projects with over 1.6 billion dollars pledged. Many have requested the ability to promote their Kickstarter campaigns through Fluence, and today we’re happy to announce native support for all Kickstarter campaigns.

Now when creators are looking to promote their Kickstarter projects beyond their initial circles, they can use Fluence to send their campaigns to curators around the world who can connect them to new audiences. We hope Fluence can make more Kickstarter campaigns achieve their goals quicker and go beyond their initial funding aspirations.

Check out a few inspiring Kickstarter projects already taking flight across Fluence like this creative 3D sound platform ENVELOP.

Former Beauty & The Beast star Amber Skye’s Kickstarter Project



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