Fluence Lists

Today we released “Fluence Lists” – a new feature to help you organize and keep track of people who can help you with your promotional needs.

Featured Fluence listsLet us know if you want to be on these featured lists. You can create your own lists by clicking the ‘Add To’ button on any profile row or page.


Add To Fluence Lists


From the profiles page, you can see lists of people you follow on Twitter or SoundCloud and are connected to on Facebook and Gmail. (More networks coming soon!)

Fluence Lists


You can also see the people on Fluence you have previously submitted to and quickly reconnect with the ones who have liked or shared your submissions. The more you use Fluence, the more powerful it gets.

Creating lists is enormously helpful in segmenting people who can be useful in your pre-release and post release promotions. Create your own lists and share them with your colleagues and friends who are looking for help in promoting their art, products, and ideas.

Get started creating your own lists here and if you have yet to try Fluence yourself you can signup here with $5 free credit. We have much more for you coming soon!


Get started on Fluence with $5 free credit