Meet Ali Spagnola on Fluence

Meet Ali Spagnola – ingenious musician, creator of the Power Hour Album, artist behind the Free Paintings Project, and beer-shotgunner extraordinaire:

Ali’s winning and hilarious personality have charmed 1.54+ million people on Twitter alone, and she’s blazed a highly-successful career path worthy of emulation by anyone looking to harness and promote their talents in new ways.

We were beyond excited when Ali joined the Fluence community and gave us the opportunity to ask her a few questions:

In addition to your painting, design, and music composition talents, you’ve built a highly successful music career around the “Power Hour” drinking game concept. How did the whole story start? What gave you the idea?

It started when I was playing boring shows, strumming a guitar in a coffee shop. It was hard to get people excited to hear me as a new artist with new music. I knew I wanted my concert to be more like a party, so I combined the drinking game with my live show and the rest is history.

Do you have a favorite beer?

I really don’t. When I’m drinking beer to taste the beer (as opposed to a “stunt beer” that I’d use for a Power Hour or other games) I like to try craft brews. Most of the time with craft brews, you’re looking to try something new every time. So I guess my favorite beer is whatever new one I’m having next.

Any big news upcoming for your projects in 2014?

I’m working on a new album! This time the songs aren’t all necessarily a minute or necessarily about drinking but they are necessarily awesome. I’ve also been doing my “Most Googled Song” webshow since the beginning of the year. A song and video about one of Google’s trending topics every week!

What are some of your favorite websites and resources?

I loooooove Evernote. I use it all day every day for my multiple projects. I love Evernote so much, I wish I could grind it up and snort it.

What advice would you give to undiscovered and aspiring artists?

Find a way to stand out. The world is full of talented artists screaming to get attention. Make sure you have a reason to deserve that attention above all the rest.


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Next time you throw a party, make the good times better with Ali’s Power Hour, and don’t forget to take a moment to enjoy Ali’s dance moves in ‘Trappy Bird’ from her recent Most Googled Song webshow!