Private SoundCloud Sharing, ROI on your Promotional Spends, and more Badass Features

We’ve been working hard on new features and are excited to share them with you. It’s only going to get more badass from here on out.

Private Soundcloud Links

The #1 most-requested feature is now available! You can submit and send any private Soundcloud track link on Fluence.

This makes sharing out pre-release tracks ridiculously easy, or if you want helpful feedback on a work-in-progress, then private links are perfect for you.

Here’s how to share your private tracks:


Click on the Soundcloud ‘Share’ icon.


Privagte Soundcloud Share Link


Copy the ‘Private Share’ link


SoundCloud Private Link


Paste the link on your Fluence dashboard and start sending!


Paste Soundcloud Link on Fluence



Understanding the ROI of the money you spend is absolutely essential in any promotional campaign. We’ve added a new tab on all your ‘Submission Summary’ pages to help give you a detailed ROI breakdown for your promotions. You can also export your entire summary to save as a PDF and share with anyone you see fit.


Fluence ROI


This ROI section is only the beginning and will be quickly evolving. Soon we will help you track commerce conversions and give you a better understanding of how Fluence drives real views, plays, and shares of your media.

Inviting People

We’ve also added the ability to easily invite friends and colleagues to Fluence. Add any email address you want, and we’ll send an email inviting them to join. You can also sync your Gmail address book to quickly search through your contacts and find the right people.


Inviting People To Fluence


We have much more on the way for you. Thank you for all your inspiring support so far, and we hope you’re enjoying wrapping up a great 2014.

Cheers from Fluence!


The Fluence Team