Social Connections and Searching the Fluence Network

Fluence was built to connect the creative community to curators, experts, and other trusted sources. A crucial service of our platform is to match people based on their needs and interests. We released a new search and targeting system to help you quickly find the right people for your media.

Our new Lists feature uses your social connections to help you find people on Fluence from your Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, and Gmail. By syncing your accounts, you can access the focused and direct attention of your social connections on their own terms.


Fluence Lists


You can also see lists of people you’ve previously engaged with in the Fluence network. This is particularly powerful when you come back and send new media to people who have liked or shared your previous submissions.

We’ve also made it easier to get curator recommendations by entering different keywords for areas of expertise or interests.


Fluence Recommendations


You can now expand profiles directly in the search results and see the terms for their attention. We added new metrics in the profile to indicate responsiveness, location and social reach, and the icons to the right of their name show you if you’re connected to them on different networks.


Brian Hazard - Fluence


With our new search and social connections you can precisely find the best people to help you with your media needs. Dive into Fluence here to take a look at the new changes, and if you’re just discovering Fluence for the first time you can get started here with $5 free credit.


We have much more soon to come. Thank you for all your support.


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