Discover How Artist Zach Hurd Uses Fluence

Zach Hurd is a singer-songwriter who recently relocated from Brooklyn to Los Angeles where he was looking to spread his music to an entirely new market. With the release of his latest album, A Million Little Lights, Zach successfully used Fluence to meet and connect with several music industry curators; here’s his story:

How did you discover Fluence? And what made you want to give it a try?
I discovered Fluence in an article on Digital Music News (thank you Ari Herstand!). I just released my new album in October and, just like all independent artists, have been sending it out to anyone and everyone. I wanted to try Fluence because it seemed to be a focused platform; I wouldn’t just be sending my album/song to random people, it would be people that actually work with my style of music.

Have you had any career-enhancing experiences because of Fluence? Or made any connections that have continued outside the platform? Tell us the story.
I got some really helpful feedback from Valida Carroll, a KCRW DJ and host of the “Desert Nights” series at The Standard Hotel in Hollywood. She also said my music would be a good fit for “Desert Nights” and now I’ll be playing there on Jan 14th. I went to the series a week ago and ended up meeting a lot of great musicians there. I’m really glad to have made the connection.

What are you hoping to achieve with Fluence in the future?
I hope to keep meeting new people on Fluence that can give me some perspective on my work and guidance.

Any advice for other artists looking to use Fluence?
Give Fluence a try! After all the time and money we spend as musicians, trying to get our music in the right hands, I’d say it’s money well spent.

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